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    “Agro-Textile can be the backbone of Agriculture”

    Tensile Strength

    Withstands solar radiation

    Bio degradability

  • agro textile


    Abrasion Resistance

    Withstands ultraviolet radiation

    High potential to retain water

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    we create agro textile nets


Agro Textile

Now a day’s Agriculture, forestry, horticulture, floriculture, fishing segments, landscape gardening, animal husbandry, aquaculture & agro-engineering all these sectors popularly known as agro textile sectors. It is an application all above sectors with different form and role. It is very useful and important application in all above sectors. AGRO- TEXTILES deeply classify woven fabric, non woven fabric and knitted fabric used for agro textile. These fabric materials used for shade net, poly house net, wind control, anti hail net for to protect heavy rainfall or hail from crop. Now days we seem that as population goes on increase a stress on agriculture crop or sectors has been increase. We need to increase the yield of crop, quality of crop continually by applying new techniques which is not possible by using only pesticides and herbicides. Today we know agriculture, floriculture or horticulture realized the need f tomorrow and utilizes new techniques to get more yields, high quality agro products from our fields.

Tensile Strength

Shade net important application of agro textile should have good tensile strength which decides its long term durability and its life. Here the good tensile strength is important parameter of shade net.

Bio degradability

In agro textile natural fibers like cotton, wool, corn or jute are used for their bio degradability in nature. As compared to synthetic polymer natural polymers is degradable in nature but has low life.

Abrasion Resistance

A shade net material is itself an abrasion resistance material. It resists the UV rays from direct sun light.

Protection property

Protection property is an important in agro textile which protects the entire crop from wind, hail or heat of direct sun light. Here the temperature inside the shade net is balanced.

About us

We introduce ourselves as Brain Chamber Polysacks Pvt. Ltd. having great exposure to agro textile product manufacturing like shade net, poly house net, agro mulching films, anti hail net since 2013 from India. We are export oriented unit utilize with latest technology machineries and well qualified staff. A brain chamber group renownelly known as polymer manufacturing group located at appachiwadi, Karnataka, India. Our company has tradition of Philanthropy and Social Commitment. We have our quality control unit which keeps an eye on every process of manufacturing products from star to end. With clear idea and focus in agro textile we involves in many agro textile areas. Our management committee has established strategic alliance with world class manufacturers of agro textile products.

Agro Textile Nets

In agro textile sectors man made or synthetic fibers are preferred than natural fibers or natural polymer due to their high strength, durability. Brain chamber Polysacks offers a high quality agro nets which has wide applications in agriculture, horticulture and floriculture sector.

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Mulching Net

bird net

Bird Net

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Ground Cover

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Mulch Net