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Today agriculture is the backbone of our country but do you know the textile like woven fabric, non woven fabric or knitted fabrics are the global text which are use an applications in all fields. A fabric has a long history in agriculture fields. Agro textile works in diverse fields of agriculture, floriculture or horticulture. AGRO- TEXTILES deeply classify woven fabric, non woven fabric and knitted fabric used for agro textile. These fabric materials used for shade net, poly house net, wind control, anti hail net for to protect heavy rainfall or hail from crop. Now days we seem that as population goes on increase a stress on agriculture crop or sectors has been increase. We need to increase the yield of crop, quality of crop continually by applying new techniques which is not possible by using only pesticides and herbicides. Brain chamber Polysacks offers and creative, durable solutions for agriculture sectors. Our quality products in agro sectors offers solution to control the climate inside the green house, poly house or shade net also protect against wind, hail, fruit protection by anti hail nets etc. All these product functions create a real added value for your agricultural crops and find their origin in an intense collaboration with our customers and end-users. . We listen to your needs and develop our agro textile products accordingly. We are active in all segments of agro textiles, and distribute our products globally.

Some of the purposes for which these textiles are being increasingly used are as follows:
1. Preventing erosion and paving way for afforestation
2. In greenhouse, shade net and fishing nets
3. For Layer separation in fields
4. As packaging materials
5. protecting direct sunlight, UV rays
6. As Anti-birds nets
7. As anti hail net
8. Shade for basins
9. Anti-birds nets
10. Materials for ground and plant water management at the time of scarcity and abundance of water.

bird protection net

Bird Protection Net

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Mulching Paper

harvesting net

Harvesting Net

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Crop Covers